"We have lost the habit of reading. Books are to be seen, they come out from the bookstore, from home, from the library. The BooksBombs, such as seed bombs, are peaceful, ready to sprout the seed of reading, because this will grow throughout the city. To read we need to see books read.

Like any small town also that of BooksBombs needs to expand, so the four of us dreamers, we are trying to build some sort of network, map of places in town or out, dressing the bookcrossing and making it recognizable.
Each person can, in this way, know where the BooksBombs are: they can go, leave a book, take another one, bring it back and choose a new one. We like to call it “guerrilla reading”.”
what a relief to know
[bocce court open]
very gray
a little bit of Hopper
grating on lace
fluo laundry
we should leave
for all